Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My Everyday Looks

       My Everyday look consists of simply fabrics and casual comfort.  I work everyday and have to dress up so on the weekends I like to throw on a comfy pair of capris, these are stretchy jean capris and a flowy shirt.  These are both from Lane Bryant and something I have had for a long time and I am sure are no longer available.  In the fall, I am almost always in a great pair of jeans and a hoodie or a long sleeve tshirt.  I am in love with comfort.
Every once in awhile I might throw in a more fitted piece of clothing or a dress to break up the monotony, but I love my look and no matter how you dress there is always a way to tie in a current trend or color that you are drawn too.  I am hearing the new color for fall is purple, I am not a fan usually but I have picked up a couple of shirts with purple accent prints that I actually love.  

 Proud to be a part of this blog collective where we all blog on the same topic.  Check us out at Ahead of the Curve and see everyone's Everyday Style.  

Happy Blogging,

Valerie xoxo