Friday, December 20, 2013

My Vintage Holiday Glam

    I have to start off by saying, I am not really a glam kind of person.  Most of the festivities that I attend during the holiday season consist of ugly sweater parties or casual gift exchanges, so glam and dressy really isn't the norm for me.  I was, however, excited to try it out even if I didn't really have the appropriate setting or place to display my outfits. This is the Smitten Lace Top in Onyx paired with an amazing vintage headband from Icing on the Cake by Betsy.  This picture does not do this headband justice it is an amazing color and so comfortable...

When I first started exploring different options in the plus size world, mainly online opposed to the local brick and mortar stores (very few and not good selection in my neck of the woods), the one name that several people recommend I try was Kiyonna.  I initially loved what they had but really didn't have a need for the type of clothes that they offer but one of the first must haves that caught my eye was the Smitten Lace Top .  I felt this was gorgeous and I just had to have it in a couple different colors.  I had been waiting and searching for awhile a possible sale or maybe end of the year clearance but that top seems to linger and stay around.  I finally found it one day on Zulily for half price and I jumped on the deal and bought the Retro Jade and Onyx. 

A couple more views of this top in the Retro Jade.  I bought this in a 4x because of the website size chart and the Retro Jade top fit perfect and possibly a tad big.  However, the onyx in the same size and brand fit a little snug, so go figure.  Overall, the quality is luxurious and I would purchase from Kiyonna again and again just for the quality alone.  But, these shirts are very flattering and can be worn with a skirt and heels to dress it up or denim and pearls for a more of a casual look.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Perfect Prints, Right?


       Honestly for years people have said to me things I should not wear, from certain fabrics, cuts, and even certain patterns.  So for years, while shopping I stayed away from large, repetitive prints because it makes you look bigger, or no stripes because that can enhance as well, even certain colors, but I started to wonder who made these rules, because I have seen many people wearing these big girl no-no's and looking fabulous.  There are a few things I just won't wear because of personal preference which I am sure is true no matter what size.  So, when finding out we are blogging about prints, I was eager to find something that took me out of my comfort zone and buy something new that I never wear or have never worn before. 

       I decided on trying this lovely sweater from Lane Bryant, it is not a big bold print but it is stripes which has always been something that I avoided.  I am not sure if this sweater is still available I literally just bought it but I can't find it online so if this is something you like as well try hitting up the stores.  I was drawn to this sweater for a couple reasons, mainly because I am becoming a tad bit obsessed with the accent stud rage, I want them on everything and this sweater had raised gold studs on the shoulders which I immediately fell in love.  I also loved this sweater because it is more of a tunic length it hits me in the right place, in my own opinion.  Lastly, I am falling in love with gold accents and what better way to step into the print world then by doing a stripe?  I went with a classic boot cut jean from Old Navy which I usually get on sale but out of the millions of jeans I have tried on these jeans are by far my top pick.  I paired the sweater with a classic gold braided sandal which I purchased from Target a few years back but every summer they come out with a variation of this sandal.
Lastly, I want to mention my photos, an awesome photographer is responsible and if you are in the central Illinois area or willing to travel here check her out ABCs Memories Photography.  We battled wind and private property on this shoot but it was really fun, I am going to be using her photos for the next couple months.  I even changed my clothes in the woods, for those who know me this is a big feat.  I am just hoping that the trail cams were turned off.  Ha! 

       Peace & Love,
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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Happy Halloween!!!!

       I didn't start dressing up again until a few years ago.  I always felt like I couldn't find a costume or I would be a witch again... So I started a few years ago when I was going to see a band and everyone was dressing up so we were thinking what could we do for cheap?  Plus, I was thinking what can I do, because the normal stores usually do not have anything appealing or in my size.  I know that many people have been or probably are in the same boat so I thought this blog I would focus solely on ideas and what has worked for me in the past.  So, back to my cheap homemade outfit which cost around $10 because I had to have some accessories.  I went as a Pirate!!

This is Jennifer and I before we went to hear her husband's band.  Here is how I kept this look under $10.00, I went to goodwill and found a white button down shirt and spent about $2.50, the shirt was not a great fit but I knew something was going over the top of it so it wasn't that big of a deal, I also bought the lovely necklaces there for next to nothing not even sure I remember a price.  I had the black dress and I cut it into a short dress with slits, I also had a red bandana so these items didn't cost a thing.  I went to the local discount store and found a sword and eyepatch for a dollar each, I also bought fabric for around $3.00 to make the belt as well as the fringe on the sword.  I already had the fishnets and the shoes, I am pretty sure I still have the diamond shapes embedded into my legs from those hose.  Overall, this was a relatively inexpensive look but still looked great with tons of compliments...

I have always loved the 80's and even though I get a big zero on creativity, I have always loved
dressing up as someone from a certain era.  I think this was the result of not making my mind up in time and already having an 80s party to go to so I combined the two and went ultra rad that year.  I unfortunately only spent like $4.00 on this costume, I already had everything except the shirt and I got it on an extreme clearance from Ashley Stewart.  I had the multiple strands of pearls and chains that I got from a discount store and actually love so I wore as a Madonna-esque look along with that bangle.  I took a pair of socks that I had and wore them on my hands but cut a hole for thumbs and cut the end out.  I also had some large hoops and a Olivia Newton-John sweatband.  You can't see my tight rolled jeans and my Chuck Taylor's which I owned as well.  This is also a fairly easy and inexpensive look if you need something last minute.  I also love playing with makeup from the 80s you can't really tell from this pic but at the beginning of the night my makeup was pretty kickin'.

Last year, I decided to go as something easy as well but this time I was able to find a costume online (yay! for planning ahead) and ordered it as soon as I made up my mind.  I went for comfort, I am not going to lie.  My hair and makeup was easy, I had on comfy clothes underneath the costume because it was freezing...
I do have heritage tied to this Pocahontas costume which is kind of why I chose this look but for the most part I felt the costume would fit well and that it was something I could pull off.  I bought it from costume craze last year and I would recommend them if you are a smaller plus size but this outfit was not  the same as measurements they provided and it was technically too small, even though I wore it.  It came with a suede-like frock with fringe, a headband, and little booties to go over your shoes.  It was all kind of cheap construction and could not have been resold so in essence not worth the $50.00 I paid for it.  Oh and the hair is all mine...

     Wrapping it all up, I feel that there are good homemade costumes that you could easily pull off but thanks to another blogger Affinity, I was able to find plus size costumes in a multitude of sizes and the best variety I have seen for plus size women.  I am completing this blog before I will dressing up this year so I will give you a preview then write a separate blog later.  I have spent more on this costume than any other previous costume so I am hoping I can pull it all off.... I told you I loved eras...
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Monday, September 16, 2013

Definitely Denim

                   Growing up in the Midwest, it seems like denim has always been a big staple in everyone's life.  People look forward to hoodies, boots, sweaters, blankets, and a nice pair of denim  jeans.  I used to be this way for sure, I love a good pair of nice fitting jeans that are comfortable but still stylish.  I have found over the years this isn't a really easy task not just for the plus-size shopper but also for the averages sizes as well.  After talking to several friends, of all shapes and sizes, I have realized that "the perfect pair of jeans" is not really easy to find.  When I think of denim, in particular jeans, I feel like this picture is a good representation of what denim is ; classic, limitless, and rustic.

                    I know that in my own closet I actually counted over 20 pairs of denim products from jeggings, straight-legged, bootcut, to capris, shorts, a skirt, and an old jacket I can't quite part with..I don't wear half of that but I would venture to say that almost everyone can find themselves peering into their closet and seeing an over and abundance of things they don't use or wear that often but still statement pieces that define who they are or how they perceive their style.  Does denim define me? The answer is not all the way, but just like that good pair of comfy fitting jeans you put on over and over again, I feel that that does define me in one word comfortable.  I strive not only to be comfortable in my every day life, the types of clothing I wear, but also to provide the comfort that others might need just like an old pair of jeans.
                     For my outfit of the day, I am wearing a pair of booties in gray from Macy's that I bought years ago, a cowl-neck, faux empire waisted sweater in heather gray and a pair of dark denim jeans from Old Navy.  This outfit is the essence of comfortable and pretty much is something I would wear to go shopping or hangout, I have this sweater in several colors and I love it.  The total irony of these outfits we have on is the picture was taken in November in Illinois when it is usually cold outside, however, for this photo op, we were actually sweating because it was 75.

***Pictured is my sister, Rebecca and my brother, Morgan***

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Pretty in Pink!!

   For quite sometime, I have been in a love/hate relationship with the peplum.  I have always wanted to try one but never made that commitment to buy out of fear.  I finally made the plunge after viewing several people around my size online in their outfits of the day posts and realizing I think that is something that would flatter me as well.  I belong to a group online that is a huge resale group for plus size women and someone was selling this lovely pink and black polka dot stretch peplum from JcPenny, the brand is Worthington and size 3x.  I am still up in the air about how I feel about the way it fits and hits me, part of it is the pictures I was a little lazy and didn't pull out the good camera.  Anyways, I love the color pink but apparently I don't wear it very often.  The jeans are Old Navy Rockstar Jeans in black.  The shoes are my trusty go to shoes from Orthaheel in black/silver.  My hair and makeup were designed by my sister Rebecca who is a hairstylist, I wanted something simple but i love the bandana look.  Overall, this was definitely not my favorite outfit, I am hoping to find a peplum that fits a little bit longer on the torso but we shall see.  Tell me what you think? Leave a comment below and let me know where you get your peplum shirts and how they fit?

Peace and Love,

P.S. It's football season...Yahoo!!

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Livin' in Leggings

  The purpose of this post is another review, which I love!!!!! I've recently joined a great group of plus-sized bloggers, Ahead of the Curve Blog Hop, who are going to be blogging monthly on the same topic but different points of view. Cool, right?  This month is "Legging Like Things", yahoo!!  The truth about leggings, I definitely have a love/hate relationship with leggings.  I have about 10 pairs and I don't wear them as often as I could.  To be brutally honest, until recently sometime last year I felt I couldn't pull off leggings, I was afraid it accentuated all the problem spots and just made things worse.  Out of the many pairs I have a few stand out, so I thought I would take a picture in my favorite pair but list a couple others that I have and love.  Coming in at a close second, believe it or not, are a brand called Massini that you get at Meijer, they usually run about $10.00 and are comfy.  Another brand I have to mention is Old Navy, these don't last as long, kind of loses the stretch but still pretty efficient. 

            Last but not least, my favorite, the Lane Bryant Control Top Leggings.  I love these they make me feel amazing but still comfortable while still having control.  Honestly, Lane Bryant make these in more colors and variations.  I currently own these in black and a deep wine color but I'd take a few more pairs for sure.  The current ones I am wearing I've had about two years and still look and feel brand new for sure, there is no visible wear and these still fit close to the body.  These run around $28.00 but I've always bought them on sale and with coupons. 

Outfit: Eshakti Dress Resale (dress)
            Lane Bryant Leggings       
           Orthoheel Sandals          
           Custom Felt Hair Clip

Peace & Love, 
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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Keep it Clean...

First off, Welcome to my little spot!!!  I will start off by saying just a little bit about me.  I am new to the whole blog scene but I am loving it so far.  I love fashion, I am plus-sized and come on there just isn't enough reviews and clothes out there for us. Just my opinion.. I am planning on keeping this blog based on the things I love.. Crafting (Pinterest..OMG)..Fashion (Oh how I love thee)..Skin Care/Makeup, maybe a little cooking.  I am not an expert on any of these areas but they are definitely high priorities in my life.  This is a place to have fun and maybe learn a few things along the way.  If there are any suggestions feel free to leave a comment and follow me in the social media world!! :)

REVIEW TIME!!!!! I am so in LOVE with this product. Trust me try it you will fall in love as well.  It is called GLAMGLOW Super-Mud Clearing Treatment. Let me tell you this stuff is amazeballs for sure.  I am in love with Sephora so I took a little trip for some goods and a couple weeks prior I was hearing about this wonderful mud mask that cleared black heads, it was getting rave reviews so I thought why not.  I honestly have never had my skin feeling so nice after a treatment of any kind.  When it starts to dry the beauty of it is you can almost see it working in your pores.  I am by no means affiliated with either company but it honestly is the most amazing product I have ever put on my face for sure.  So, in a nutshell, hop into your car, train, plane, bus, or bike head to the nearest Sephora or hit them online for free shipping and just try this out.  I will post a couple pics below to see what it looks like excuse the wild hair!!!

Peace and Love,