Monday, September 16, 2013

Definitely Denim

                   Growing up in the Midwest, it seems like denim has always been a big staple in everyone's life.  People look forward to hoodies, boots, sweaters, blankets, and a nice pair of denim  jeans.  I used to be this way for sure, I love a good pair of nice fitting jeans that are comfortable but still stylish.  I have found over the years this isn't a really easy task not just for the plus-size shopper but also for the averages sizes as well.  After talking to several friends, of all shapes and sizes, I have realized that "the perfect pair of jeans" is not really easy to find.  When I think of denim, in particular jeans, I feel like this picture is a good representation of what denim is ; classic, limitless, and rustic.

                    I know that in my own closet I actually counted over 20 pairs of denim products from jeggings, straight-legged, bootcut, to capris, shorts, a skirt, and an old jacket I can't quite part with..I don't wear half of that but I would venture to say that almost everyone can find themselves peering into their closet and seeing an over and abundance of things they don't use or wear that often but still statement pieces that define who they are or how they perceive their style.  Does denim define me? The answer is not all the way, but just like that good pair of comfy fitting jeans you put on over and over again, I feel that that does define me in one word comfortable.  I strive not only to be comfortable in my every day life, the types of clothing I wear, but also to provide the comfort that others might need just like an old pair of jeans.
                     For my outfit of the day, I am wearing a pair of booties in gray from Macy's that I bought years ago, a cowl-neck, faux empire waisted sweater in heather gray and a pair of dark denim jeans from Old Navy.  This outfit is the essence of comfortable and pretty much is something I would wear to go shopping or hangout, I have this sweater in several colors and I love it.  The total irony of these outfits we have on is the picture was taken in November in Illinois when it is usually cold outside, however, for this photo op, we were actually sweating because it was 75.

***Pictured is my sister, Rebecca and my brother, Morgan***

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  1. This is such a good family picture. That sweater has such a nice color!! You are beautiful babe!

  2. Love this, love the family, LOVE the pickup, and you look perfect. I only have 2 pieces of denim in my entire wardrobe so it is great to see what everyone else is wearing.

  3. I have wanted to try some jeans from Old Navy. Do you think they run true to size? I know sometimes there plus stuff can run big.

  4. What a great photo. You always look elegant to me--maybe be it's your demeanor--but even in a sweater and jeans it's there. Beautiful!

  5. Thanks guys.. Stina the jeans from ON vary.. the rockstars in my opinion run a smidge big but most of their other ones run a tad small.. if there is alot of spandex in them then I would say big..This is by far one of my favorite full shot pics of me..

  6. Aw, this is such a cool family photo! I love the country feel of it!