Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Happy Halloween!!!!

       I didn't start dressing up again until a few years ago.  I always felt like I couldn't find a costume or I would be a witch again... So I started a few years ago when I was going to see a band and everyone was dressing up so we were thinking what could we do for cheap?  Plus, I was thinking what can I do, because the normal stores usually do not have anything appealing or in my size.  I know that many people have been or probably are in the same boat so I thought this blog I would focus solely on ideas and what has worked for me in the past.  So, back to my cheap homemade outfit which cost around $10 because I had to have some accessories.  I went as a Pirate!!

This is Jennifer and I before we went to hear her husband's band.  Here is how I kept this look under $10.00, I went to goodwill and found a white button down shirt and spent about $2.50, the shirt was not a great fit but I knew something was going over the top of it so it wasn't that big of a deal, I also bought the lovely necklaces there for next to nothing not even sure I remember a price.  I had the black dress and I cut it into a short dress with slits, I also had a red bandana so these items didn't cost a thing.  I went to the local discount store and found a sword and eyepatch for a dollar each, I also bought fabric for around $3.00 to make the belt as well as the fringe on the sword.  I already had the fishnets and the shoes, I am pretty sure I still have the diamond shapes embedded into my legs from those hose.  Overall, this was a relatively inexpensive look but still looked great with tons of compliments...

I have always loved the 80's and even though I get a big zero on creativity, I have always loved
dressing up as someone from a certain era.  I think this was the result of not making my mind up in time and already having an 80s party to go to so I combined the two and went ultra rad that year.  I unfortunately only spent like $4.00 on this costume, I already had everything except the shirt and I got it on an extreme clearance from Ashley Stewart.  I had the multiple strands of pearls and chains that I got from a discount store and actually love so I wore as a Madonna-esque look along with that bangle.  I took a pair of socks that I had and wore them on my hands but cut a hole for thumbs and cut the end out.  I also had some large hoops and a Olivia Newton-John sweatband.  You can't see my tight rolled jeans and my Chuck Taylor's which I owned as well.  This is also a fairly easy and inexpensive look if you need something last minute.  I also love playing with makeup from the 80s you can't really tell from this pic but at the beginning of the night my makeup was pretty kickin'.

Last year, I decided to go as something easy as well but this time I was able to find a costume online (yay! for planning ahead) and ordered it as soon as I made up my mind.  I went for comfort, I am not going to lie.  My hair and makeup was easy, I had on comfy clothes underneath the costume because it was freezing...
I do have heritage tied to this Pocahontas costume which is kind of why I chose this look but for the most part I felt the costume would fit well and that it was something I could pull off.  I bought it from costume craze last year and I would recommend them if you are a smaller plus size but this outfit was not  the same as measurements they provided and it was technically too small, even though I wore it.  It came with a suede-like frock with fringe, a headband, and little booties to go over your shoes.  It was all kind of cheap construction and could not have been resold so in essence not worth the $50.00 I paid for it.  Oh and the hair is all mine...

     Wrapping it all up, I feel that there are good homemade costumes that you could easily pull off but thanks to another blogger Affinity, I was able to find plus size costumes in a multitude of sizes and the best variety I have seen for plus size women.  I am completing this blog before I will dressing up this year so I will give you a preview then write a separate blog later.  I have spent more on this costume than any other previous costume so I am hoping I can pull it all off.... I told you I loved eras...
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  1. I'm in awe of how you put costumes together for so little money!!! Amazing. Nicely done doll. xx

  2. Great minds think alike! Love your costumes.

  3. Ok. So I love all the costumes but I think maybe you were BORN to be Pocahontas!!!! You look fabulous in that one :)

  4. Thank you for all the ideas! Your head really is Pocahonta costume destiny!

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