Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Perfect Prints, Right?


       Honestly for years people have said to me things I should not wear, from certain fabrics, cuts, and even certain patterns.  So for years, while shopping I stayed away from large, repetitive prints because it makes you look bigger, or no stripes because that can enhance as well, even certain colors, but I started to wonder who made these rules, because I have seen many people wearing these big girl no-no's and looking fabulous.  There are a few things I just won't wear because of personal preference which I am sure is true no matter what size.  So, when finding out we are blogging about prints, I was eager to find something that took me out of my comfort zone and buy something new that I never wear or have never worn before. 

       I decided on trying this lovely sweater from Lane Bryant, it is not a big bold print but it is stripes which has always been something that I avoided.  I am not sure if this sweater is still available I literally just bought it but I can't find it online so if this is something you like as well try hitting up the stores.  I was drawn to this sweater for a couple reasons, mainly because I am becoming a tad bit obsessed with the accent stud rage, I want them on everything and this sweater had raised gold studs on the shoulders which I immediately fell in love.  I also loved this sweater because it is more of a tunic length it hits me in the right place, in my own opinion.  Lastly, I am falling in love with gold accents and what better way to step into the print world then by doing a stripe?  I went with a classic boot cut jean from Old Navy which I usually get on sale but out of the millions of jeans I have tried on these jeans are by far my top pick.  I paired the sweater with a classic gold braided sandal which I purchased from Target a few years back but every summer they come out with a variation of this sandal.
Lastly, I want to mention my photos, an awesome photographer is responsible and if you are in the central Illinois area or willing to travel here check her out ABCs Memories Photography.  We battled wind and private property on this shoot but it was really fun, I am going to be using her photos for the next couple months.  I even changed my clothes in the woods, for those who know me this is a big feat.  I am just hoping that the trail cams were turned off.  Ha! 

       Peace & Love,
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  1. You look fantastic in that sweater! I love the picture with the water behind you, so pretty.

  2. Love the "stud" rage to, but sometimes I forget to pull out those studded boots, so thanks for the reminder. Love the sweater and love that you moved outside your comfort zone.

  3. Love the sweater chicka. I was wondering about the shoulder studs. Have you had a problem with them coming off during washing? I have been hesitant to buy items with that for fear of them coming off the first time I wash.