Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Way To Save: Plus Size Budget Buys!!

 I am not a huge thrifter but I definitely love a good sale and very rarely do I buy clothing not on sale. However, in my area the thrifting and cool vintage type stores, I see other people talking about,  are non existent so I usually have to live through others and get extremely jealous at their finds especially in the vintage department.  I feel no matter where you shop online or in the stores there are many deals to be had by checking store codes, sales ads, current promotions, and asking for upcoming events.  I have also recently become a huge fan of the Cartwheel and Retail Me Not apps that have instant savings for many stores that I frequent. The best thing to do is to do some research.

This outfit that I chose to wear cost a total of $22 including shoes and jewelry which I felt was a steal.  The dress I bought at Ross in Houston, Texas for $10.00 it is a Cynthia Rowley in a 3x which is plenty roomy, almost too big.  The cardigan is an Old Navy find in their regular sizes xxl and it fits plenty big.  I bought this on clearance for $5.00 along with the cream cami for $3.00.  I bought these gold rope braided sandals (my favorite) at Target at the end of season two years ago for $4.00, they are amazing quality.  My jewelry came from Lane Bryant as a gift.

                                If you are looking for some great pictures in the Springfield, Illinois
                                        area please check out Kristi Mitchell Photography!!

I am lucky enough to be included in a monthly blog collective with a great group of plus size girls who all have great blogs, please go check them out here  Ahead of the Curve Bloggers...feel free to leave comments and love for everyone!!!

For the love of $avings,
Valerie xoxo


  1. Wow this look only cost $22!!! You can't beat that!

  2. Great Job Valerie! I am learning a lot here!

  3. I also use Retail me not. I have found many good discounts.