Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The right to "bare" arms..

         There has been many topics about what women should or should not wear.  I do follow some of the fashion "rules" so to speak but typically I wear what I feel comfortable in, disregarding any set "rules".  All of the time I hear women of all sizes say, I can't wear sleeveless my arms will show and they are big, flappy, bat winged, jiggly, etc, and I know that is a confidence/comfortability issue but if I am comfortable sleeveless then you should be okay with that.  All of that aside lets get to the fashion, it was super hard to choose but I went with this dress mainly because it is still available at Lane Bryant and I am confident that this dress would look amazing on a wide variety of shapes as well as the generous cut will allow bigger sizes to fit into a 28, in my opinion.

                          This dress makes me feel amazing, honestly, I am not sure why.  I bought it at Lane Bryant on a whim and it is very generously cut.  I normally wear a 28 and this is a 22 and I bet I could have got a 20 in this style.  It is everything I have been loving about spring/summer fashion nautical feel, navy and cream stripes, with darting in all the right places.  When I wear this dress, and I have 4 times since buying it, I feel good and that is what makes the difference.  I pair this with some gold jewelry from Lane Bryant and my favorite sandals from Target.  I have the "right to bare arms" do you?  

 Peace, Love, and Bare Arms,

Valerie xoxo
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  1. This dress looks fantastic! I love bare arms. xx

  2. Valerie: You look fabulous, love the dress and thanks for choosing something that is still available!