Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Downtown Plaid

 It is not often when I find a trend that I love that is also on trend when I am wearing it,  I am usually a day late because it takes me a minute to really get into things.  But Plaid is something that has been around for years and occasionally slips in and out of the stores.  I have never ever been a fan of the plaid skirts but that is just my opinion some people pull them off beautifully, I am just not in that selective group.

 I saw these pants and initially loved them even though this style usually looks a little frumpy on me for some reason.  However, Lane Bryant needs to get it together, without turning this into a huge rant their sizing and cuts have been HORRIBLE this year.  These pants are the normal size I wear in dress pants and even though they do not look it, they are incredibly tight. I originally bought these Sophie Houndstooth from Lane Bryant but they would not even go up over my thighs, and after talking to the associates working they told me that they all tried them on and had to go up at the very least 2 whole sizes larger than they normally wear.  This is NOT ok in my opinion.  I am normally a huge Lane Bryant supporter but they are definitely not winning any awards from me this year. I am wearing head to toe Lane Bryant even though their sizing is really getting under my skin (end rant).

 So, to prove that houndstooth is everywhere and has been everywhere for ever, I have put this picture of the famous houndstooth hat worn by the University of Alabama coach during the games (Roll Tide, Roll).  I just love this hat and I may buy one this year since the trend is so on point. 

Infinity scarves and even the long straight scarves can add so much to an outfit, I found this while searching on etsy for something completely different but I just love the texture and look that a simple scarf can give any look.

I am seeing houndstooth everywhere even on the new holiday packaging from Bare Minerals added in a pop of red and houndstooth which is a look I absolutely love!
I'd love to hear from you and see what prints, trends and fashion you are loving right now...Let me know...Make sure you head on over to Ahead of the Curve and check out everyone from the collective of bloggers that we have and their take on Tartan, Tweed, and Houndstooth.
Peace and Love,
Valerie xoxo